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Email: info@asanskafc.com

Tel: +233 25 685 5484

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AFC Soccer Clinic

At AsanSka Football Club, we are passionate about sports and recognize the importance of engaging children in healthy activities that promote their physical and social development. The AsanSka FC Soccer Clinic aims at providing training and promoting the sport of football amongst children and the youth in our local community.

We believe that through this initiative, we can empower both children and young ones with essential skills, foster teamwork and sportsmanship, and contribute to their overall physical fitness and well-being.


The objectives of the soccer clinic are as follows:

  • To identify and introduce children between the ages of 5 and 19 to the basics of football and develop their fundamental skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and game tactics.
  • Foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play among participants, instilling important values that extend beyond the field.
  • Promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle by encouraging regular exercise and active participation in sports.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for children to learn, grow, and enjoy the sport of football.

Target Participants

Our soccer clinic is designed for the following target participants:

  • Both boys and girls
  • Children aged 5-18 years from our local community and other localities regardless of their previous experience or skill level.
  • School children after school hours, over the weekends and during long vacations by offering them an engaging and productive way to spend their free time while enhancing their football abilities.

Programme Details:

The soccer clinic will be held at our homepark “AsanSka FC Park” located around the Valley View University and adjacent to AsanSka University College of Design and Technology. Our training schedules have been outlined below. Each session will be lasting approximately 2hrs and our curriculum will cover various aspects of football, including:

  • Basic techniques: Ball control, passing, shooting, and tackling.
  • Rules and regulations: Educating participants about the rules of the game and promoting fair play.
  • Game tactics: Introducing strategies, formations, and positioning on the field.
  • Friendly matches: Providing opportunities for participants to apply their skills in a practical setting.


We will employ this Fee structure for the programme:

Registration Fee: GHS100 per participant. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with participant registration, materials preparation, and programme coordination.

Training Fee: GHS500 per participant each month. This fee covers the cost of the training sessions.

NB: Each participant is expected to purchase their personal training kits (jerseys, boots and hose).

How to Apply

  1. Make a non-refundable payment of GHS100 to our MOMO Account.
  2. Fill the form and enter the Transaction Number.
  3. Wait for a confirmation from Team AsanSka.