Oyibi (off the Adenta – Dodowa Road)

Email: info@asanskafc.com

Postal Address: P. O. Box AN 7675. Accra

Tel: +233 25 685 5484

Email: info@asanskafc.com

Tel: +233 25 685 5484


Professional Scouting

Through tournaments and trial matches, we scout for and identify young gifted players for the international football market. We also scout players from all the regions in Ghana.

At AsanSka Football Club, we specialize in providing comprehensive guidance to our players, equipping them with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the competitive world of professional soccer in Europe.


We Are Unique

There isn’t another soccer club that can offer opportunities, challenging football programme and high quality teaching that is available at AsanSka FC. Join us today and enjoy moments that last a lifetime as you venture for success.

Transfer Deals

With deliver a holistic 360° scope of services, bespoke to the needs and requirements of each client. We constantly strive to provide an unrivalled service, ensuring that all areas of a player’s career both “on picth” and “off pitch” are managed professionally and with the highest levels of care and attention to detail.

We broker lucrative transfer deals for talented players; deals that are not only financially sound but also protect the future interests and prospects of the players we represent

Throughout a career the client’s playing contract will need to be negotiated and re-negotiated several times. While each contract is unique in its detail, our ability to maximise the clients position and earning potential is unchanging. A negotiation process is complex and never taken lightly. We draw on our extensive experience, market knowledge and network to deliver the correct result and best possible terms for our clients at every level

Content Production

You’re not just 90 minutes on a pitch, each and every player has a story and it is our dream to showcase this unique identity. This is aimed at giving our players a professional image and brand . From tactical social content to long-form features, we work with talent to conceptualise and produce content that is memorable and relevant.